Yeshara Acosta

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW 110249

Yeshara D. Acosta is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Claremont Counseling & Support Center. 

Education and Training:
Yeshara received her Master of Social Work Degree, with a Community Emphasis, from Azusa Pacific University. She received a Bachelors Degree in Social work and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Southern Adventist University in Tennessee, combining her love of serving her community with her love of learning languages and diverse cultures in their own contexts. 

Yeshara has provided mental health services for 10+ years in individual, family, and group settings. She has a special place in her heart for people in the helping fields, and advocates for better mental health practices among all serving professions. Because helpers need help too. 

Yeshara is a bilingual, solution-focused therapist, using various techniques emphasizing the self-determination of the client. She believes that change is a result of willingness to do the hard and important work of increasing ones’ holistic self-awareness and acting on that knowledge in healthier ways. She believes in addressing not just the symptoms of various issues, but also the root causes, and working with the client to identify ways to live a life that the client truly wants and needs. She has worked with depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse (physical, emotional, verbal), low self-esteem, family/couples/parent-child relational dysfunction, questions of faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, at-risk youth, veterans concerns, and a variety of other issues affecting daily life. Yeshara finds that serving people in this way helps change communities one person at a time. 

When not doing therapy, Yeshara can be found watching a good comedy show, superhero movie, or reruns of 90’s shows. She enjoys listening to music loudly in her car, enjoying time with her family and pets, writing music and poetry, participating in her church community and encouraging spiritual growth, petting EVERY dog she meets, bursting into spontaneous song, making dad jokes, listening to audiobooks, sharing random trivia, and doing her best to take care of her own mental health.

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