Chances For Change Substance Abuse

Chances For Change Substance Abuse Program

Ten (10)-Weeks in Duration

An outpatient substance abuse program designed to address the needs of individuals who are struggling with substance use, abuse, addiction, and recovery issues. The Chances For Change Substance Abuse Program is built to respond to individual need and to offer those who exhibit a desire for personal growth, an opportunity to identify, own, and respond to substance and behavioral issues that may be impacting their lives. Anyone who is struggling with substance abuse may utilize this program to help begin and/or maintain their recovery. The program approach includes a combination of counseling and psycho-education with a focus on either primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention. 

Each program participants will receive a workbook, which is a resource for them to work out of, and keep, during and after the completion of the program. There will be weekly interactive assignments which are personalized to each participant. 

Program Goals and Expectations:

Substance Use Education

Development of Self-Awareness 

Ownership of Substance Abuse and/or Dependence

Active Participation in Recovery 

Understand the Stages of Change

Coping with Relapse

Develop Relapse Prevention Strategies

Improving Quality of Life

Program Structure:

Entry Interview and Assessment with a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LAADC), a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), or a licensed Psychologist (PhD/PsyD.)

Entry letter to confirm intent of program attendance 

Weekly two (2) hour sessions with your counselor/therapist in which the participant follows highly structured, but personalized program.

Requirement of at least ten (10) outside meetings of their choice (i.e. 12-step, AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, and/or Chances For Change in office groups)

Exit interview with the Program Director and a completion letter/certificate 


The program rate is $2,250.00 to be paid in ten (10)-week increments of $225 per intensive two-hour session. 

A reduced rate is available if paid in full prior to the second week of the program or upon financial need. Contact us at (909) 590 2260 or [email protected] for scheduling or further questions.


This program is designed to be on a ten (10) week schedule. An extended program which consists of two (2) sessions per week for ten (10) weeks, resulting in twenty (20) total sessions is available. This schedule is recommended for those that seek more containment as well as accountability throughout their recovery. 

For those that are unable to return to work/school until program completion, a Probationary Approval Letter will be given after week four (4). A $25 fee is required in such cases where further documentation is required. Proof of a “non-return policy” from work/school is required to qualify for the Probationary Approval Letter. 

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