Monet Daniels

Mone’t Daniels 
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, #11885 

Education and Training
Mone’t received her master’s in Counseling from Loma Linda University. She also obtained her master’s in Behavioral Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Pepperdine University. Mone’t graduated with her undergraduate degree from California State University of San Bernardino. Mone’t received her practicum training from Loma Linda SAC Health Systems which exposed her to working with couples and individuals with mild to severe depression and postpartum depression, anxiety, and various severities of trauma, chronic pain; plus, grief and loss. In addition to emotional and communication limitations within families and other relationships. 

Mone’t has experience working with individuals dealing with anxiety and depression. She works in collaboration with her clients to identify obtainable goals, which are specific to each client. Mone’t understands that therapy is a vulnerable process and is willing to meet the client where they are at, while remaining culturally sensitive. She prides herself on creating a therapeutic space that allows room for connection, growth, tears and even laughter by helping her clients find their voice and promoting insight and self-awareness. 

Therapy should have a natural ability to connect therapists and clients in a safe and supportive environment for people to share and explore their thoughts and feelings. Mone’t believes her warm, caring demeanor gives clients that opportunity; thus, allowing you to open up and share your experiences without fear of judgment. Throughout your therapeutic process, Mone’t will help clients identify and challenge negative thought patterns and develop new and more positive ways of thinking and behaving across various domains of your life. 

Mone’t thinks therapy can also be fun and playful, as she incorporates humor and other creative approaches to engage people and help them explore their emotions in a non-threatening way. She believes laughter can be a powerful tool and aid in the healing process. 

Therapy is truly about the whole person, unpacking and deconstructing distorted ideas and the inaccurate beliefs that you have about yourself, which in turn aids you in connecting to your healthiest and most authentic self. Allow Mone’t to help you foster personal growth. 

Personal Interests
Mone’t loves to cook and travel with friends and family. Mone’t also enjoys watching anime and is heavily involved in gaming. Mone’t enjoys watching football and basketball.

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