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For whatever issue you may be currently dealing with, we understand that making a decision to move toward the healing process is an important step. It takes wisdom to recognize when a problem exists and courage to do something about it.  At Chino Hills Counseling we offer real solutions for real problems. We are going to actively listen to your concerns, journey with you and provide relevant feedback.

As Christian therapists we believe that God wants us to edify others with our words and extend grace and love.  We firmly believe that when people feel cared for then they are more empowered to change their lives.

Our Stance On Fairness and Justice

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Members of our Community,   Claremont Counseling & Support Center, A Psychological Corporation (CCSC) is a private practice Counseling Center serving the Claremont, Chino and surrounding communities. We are a small group of psychologists and psychotherapists who are licensed and pre-licensed in California.  

We celebrate the conversation on race that has come from many sectors of the nation, as well as the denunciations of brutality, violence, and oppression against the black community. The CCSC team stands with all who demand an end to racial crimes and injustices. We join with those demanding change and expressing a desire to make a meaningful difference. It is time that our nation finally addresses and rectifies the  inequalities that have brought harm to so many, and for so long.  

As therapists, our work starts – but does not end - with listening.  As we learn, we will seek ways to make concrete changes in our own lives and in our community.  As a multi-ethnic and multi-racial staff with a majority of white members, we recognize that many of us are coming from a place of privilege, and that we are in a “bubble" in our communities and in our lives. We also acknowledge that we have benefited from this privilege in a multitude of ways.   

Racism is deeply rooted in our society and injustice has been rampant for far too long. CCSC is committed to our mission to ease suffering, to create a safe and healing space for all those seeking emotional healing and ongoing improvement of mental and emotional health. We are now, once again questioning how we can increase our attempts to create an inclusive and informed environment for our patients and, importantly, our staff. We need to get better at actively working on evaluating and incrementally changing our complicity in systemic oppression. As a group of psychotherapists, it is our aim to support and encourage growth, both personal, familial, and systemic.  

We understand that standing with and supporting is not enough. CCSC is recommitting to learning more about and utilizing our privilege to speak up and provide an avenue to hold ourselves accountable. We do not want to offer a neutral stance of support that will fade over time but rather our desire is to use our influence to perpetuate a community whose values are also fairness, justice, and care.

From all of us at Claremont Counseling & Support Center

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